Carpe Diem – Seize the Day?


Today I will enjoy what the day has to offer, instead of stomping on the wildflowers.

Most people think carpe diem means “seize the day.” That meaning makes me feel like the day is something to be conquered, like it is some sort of quest. My friend took a class where they studied the Roman poet Horace (the man who originally used the term carpe diem). The professor said that carpe diem did not mean “seize the day,” but rather “gather the day,” like one gathers wildflowers. Gather and cherish the small beautiful moments of the day. 

I love that meaning–gather the day. One small moment for me was when my daughter Sydnie played baseball. She liked to play catcher and she was pretty good. I loved watching her play, but not necessarily because she played well. I loved to watch her play because of her smile. Whenever she did anything she felt good about she would find me in the stands and give me the biggest smile. There is nothing like having one of my children look up at me with their bright, happy eyes and smile at me.


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